Ableye belongs to Drawell Group located in Chongqing where is famous for optical devices and military products.

Drawell International Technology Limited, registered in Hong Kong, also known as “Drawell Group”, has been a professional enterprise in international trading over 20 years. As a member company, Chongqing Drawell Instrument Co., Ltd. is specialized in optical and scientific equipment, and Chongqing Drawell Technology Co., Ltd. is famous for outdoor products. Under the integrated management of Drawell Group, with the decades experience of the scientific and optical products, a reliable and professional brand, Ableye, has been started.

Ableye has its superiority in camcording products including handheld real-time camcorders, de-imaging portable camcorders, thermal imaging reconnaissance forensic devices, and etc, which can be widely used in different applications, such as anti-terrorism, outside secret investigation, border defense, search in sea, and others. Currently, Ableye is the appointed supplier for Ministry of Public Security, Judicial Department, Procuratorial Organ, even some military establishments. It has established business relationships with customers from more than 30 countries, enjoying a  high reputation through reliable quality ,reasonable price and good service.


Parameter Camcorder & camera

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Functions Introduction

1.Fog&Haze penetration Many situations call for cameras that can penetrate through fog…

Camcorder & Monitor

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